Johnny Martin: 30 Years at Terral RiverService, Inc.

The team at Terral RiverService, Inc. is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Chief Operating Officer Johnny Martin.

Starting as a pilot with Terral, Johnny worked his way up over the years and has undoubtedly become one of the company’s strongest assets.


Model Replica of the M/V Thomas Gattle

Gary Twigg, the father of Terral’s Industrial Aggregate Salesman Teddy Twigg, spent around 400 hours over the span of 3-4 months building a model of the M/V Thomas Gattle.

Made primarily of cypress and basswood, nearly every inch of the model was made by hand.


Terral Extends Contract with Lansing Trade Group

When Terral RiverService completed the construction of their two 250,000-bushel capacity grain bins in Tallulah in July of 2011, Lansing Trade Group was their original customer.

Lansing, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, is an entrepreneurial merchandising company that markets, stores and distributes commodities.


Featured Employee | Richard Spinner

Photograph of Richard Spinner

Richard Spinner, Operator at Terral RiverService, Inc., has been with the company for 2 years.

Prior to coming to Terral, he worked in welding but wanted to work somewhere where he saw himself having a long-term career.


Red River Navigation Update

With the forecasted rainfall, the team at Terral RiverService is preparing for high water along the Red River.

According to the Red River Valley Association, the current forecast shows 9” to 10” right over Texarkana, with most rain falling just east of Lake Texoma. This indicates that rain will fall primarily in the uncontrolled areas, causing a very fast rise and fall of the River.


Red River Navigation Update

As the lock approaches along the Red River have closed, making the River unnavigable, Terral RiverService would like to extend sincere thanks to the Red River Waterway Commission (RRWC) for their commitment to businesses like ours along the River.


Terral Logistics Delivers Artillery Disposal Chamber

The Louisiana National Guard hired Ponca City’s MJ&H Fabrication to build the chamber that will be used to burn off millions of pounds of unsecured M6 propellant, which is commonly used as howitzer gunpowder. But before this chamber could get to work, there was the meticulous logistics process of getting it to its final destination.


Featured Employee | Albert James

Albert James

Albert James began working for Terral RiverService, Inc. in 1992 as a front end loader operator and dragline operator. He also spent some time working on overall maintenance for the company, traveling to several of Terral’s operating locations to repair whatever needed to be fixed.


River Update: Conditions Improving

Revisions have been made to the forecast of the Mississippi River stages, painting a better outlook for Terral RiverService than last week.

The crest at Vicksburg has been revised from 55 feet to 50.5 feet, and the crest at Red River Landing has been revised from 62.5 to 60.5.


Featured Employee | Larry Lopez

Captain Larry Lopez started at Terral RiverService in 1998 as a deckhand, bouncing around from boat to boat.

Now, he serves as relief Captain for the M/V Anna Marie.