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Photograph of Marvin Collins

Marvin Collins | Featured Employee

Terral RiverService is proud to announce our featured employee for June, Marvin Collins. Marvin, who in August will celebrate thirteen years with TRS, is currently our Land Operations Manager. He began his career on the boats as a deckhand. While the plan was for him to move up eventually, he was promoted after only a few days when a position opened suddenly. Six months later he was promoted again. He remembers telling CEO Tom Gattle at the time that he didn’t know anything about fertilizer, to which Gattle replied that he also hadn’t known anything about a boat when he arrived. “I feel like you can work it out,” Gattle said.

Marvin laughs when asked about his spare time before saying he enjoys hanging out with his family and cutting grass. About his career with TRS, he says: “I’m so thankful to Tom and the TRS family for the opportunities that they’ve allowed me to have here. I never thought coming to northeast Louisiana that I’d have an opportunity to grow and become a part of something as big as Terral has become. It’s an amazing place.”