We Run

Terral River Service maintains five fleet locations on the Lower Mississippi River and one on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Rivers where we harbor and launch our push boats and barges.

While we run the major rivers, the smaller connecting rivers are our specialty. Our ability to scale in size along with our fleet locations gives us the capability to map efficient routes and deliver more cost-effective shipping solutions.

1. Mississippi River

With three 3,000-horsepower, three 4,500-horsepower and one 5,000-horsepower boats in the Terral RiverService fleet, we are able to move twelve river barges at a time up and down the Lower Mississippi River. We have three fleets adjacent to the Mississippi, with boats traveling from the Old River Fleet down to New Orleans on a weekly basis. Terral RiverService has years of experience on the waterways and knowledge of the industries that use the river system. We can specialize packages for your logistics needs, including loading, unloading, and deliver with any mode of transportation—all the steps from origin to destination. Not only do we have the necessary line boats and equipment in place on the river, we have experienced captains qualified to run on the Mississippi River System.

2. Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

Terral RiverService has the equipment and knowledge to handle your river barge freight service needs on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Our Old River Fleet can reach the ICW at Morgan City via the Atchafalaya River quicker than through the New Orleans or Baton Rouge alternatives, and we have the means and positioning to ship eastbound or westbound on the ICW. We make frequent deliveries off the Intracoastal to Lake Charles, Houston, up the Mermentau River and over to Panama City.

3. Atchafalaya River

The route from the Mississippi to the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is 120 miles on the Atchafalaya River. The Port Allen route, by comparison, is 139 miles, and requires passing through the barge traffic and congestion of one additional lock. With 3,000-horsepower, retractable wheelhouse push boats fleeted at our Old River hub, Terral RiverService has the equipment to move river barges on the Atchafalaya River at most river stages. This ability allows Terral RiverService to provide its customers with a quicker, simpler, more cost-effective transportation service route from the Mississippi River to ICW West locations.

4. Ouachita River

Terral RiverService is a well-equipped, experienced freight service presence on the Ouachita River. Many of our pilots live on the Ouachita River and have twenty or more years of experience running the river. We can safely and efficiently move your river barges to Ouachita River’s ports, including Columbia, Monroe, LA, and Crossett, AR.

5. Red River

Terral RiverService is your gateway to the Red River. We move the most barges and tons by river barge on the Red River and offer the only spot towing service available. Our fleet location at the mouth of the Red River and our extensive knowledge of running this complex river system makes us a perfect partner for moving your river barges. Many of our pilots have more than twenty years of experience on the Red River alone. We provide shipping freight service to the major ports on the Red River, including Alexandria, Natchitoches, Red River Port, Coushatta, Colfax, and Shreveport.

6. Tenn-Tom Waterway

We maintain a fleet on this smaller waterway, connecting the Tennessee and Tombigbee Rivers along the Alabama-Mississippi border. This waterway provides access from the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers that flows south to the Intracoastal Waterways.

7. Tennessee River

The Tennessee River is an important connection between destinations across the top of the southern plains. Flowing across Tennessee and into northern Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana, it provides further accessibility to adjacent states. It connects with the Ohio River to access the Mississippi at its eastern point, and with our fleet on the Tenn-Tom, and the Intracoastal Waterways moving south.

8. Ohio River

The Ohio River serves to connect commerce from the northeast moving south to the Mississippi and Tennessee River, and Tenn-Tom Waterway. This river broadens our east-west operational reach, opens access to our larger network of fleets and capabilities to move freight further.