Featured Employee | Lafayette “Foots” Ainsworth

Lafayette 'Foots' Ainsworth

Lafayette Ainsworth started work at Terral RiverService on November 11, 2008. His first job was a deckhand in the harbor at our fleet in Lettsworth, Louisiana. Lafayette (affectionately known as Foots) advanced quickly in learning the duties of a deckhand. He was a very hard worker and did a good job on the deck. As a result of his efforts, he was nominated to go through the Terral RiverService Steersman program. This program is designed to move deserving river employees upward in rank toward a wheelhouse position.


Terral RiverService, Inc. Operating in High Water Conditions

Photograph of a push boat underway

The Mississippi River remains at flood levels, continuing a high water streak that began in January this year. The current 50 foot river hampers business as usual at Terral RiverService as it results in tow size limitations, closed port sites and damaged river infrastructure. Terral RiverService is working hard to prepare for the accelerated demand once the river recedes to normal levels and will make every effort to accommodate each of our customer’s needs as soon as river conditions are manageable again. “We appreciate your patience,” says Tom Gattle, President of TRS. “I am not sure what is happening but something is changing with our weather patterns that control river levels.”


Terral RiverService Inc. Purchases Two Unload Rigs

Terral RiverService Inc. completed the purchase of two unload rigs Wednesday November 14, 2018, under the direction of Neil Martin, Vice President of Services.

TRS 6 in Action. 

A Komatsu PC 600 Material Handler with a 4.5-yard bucket was purchased from Waterways Investments Inc. and a Liebherr 974 B Material Handler from Phantom Materials. The unload rigs are currently named Ernest 4 and SMI 402, respectively. Terral plans to rename the unload rigs shortly.


Terral RiverService Inc. Hosts 14th Annual Golf Tournament

Group of golfers photograph

Golf Tournament participants.

Terral RiverService Inc. held its 14th Annual Golf Tournament at the Vicksburg Golf and Country Club on October 4, 2018. The annual event is an opportunity for Terral RiverService to show its appreciation to its customers and vendors, and enjoy a relaxing day together.


Terral RiverService Inc. Renames Push Boats

M/V Elmer Stone photograph

The former mv. Elmer Stone has been renamed to mv. Virginia Mooney.

Terral has renamed the six push boats it purchased after acquiring Kinder Morgan’s Blytheville, AR and Decatur, AL river assets in December 2017.


Featured Employee | Jesus Rangel

Jesus Rangel

Jesus Rangel has worked in the River Industry for 19 years. He began his career with Kinder Morgan and started working for Terral RiverService Inc. when they acquired Kinder Morgan’s River Assets in December of 2017. Jesus works at Terral’s Blytheville location as the Crane Operator and Leadman on the Wash Dock.


Featured Employee | Jim Wood

Jim Wood

Jim Wood has been working at Terral RiverService Inc. for 10 years, and is the Captain of the M.V. Marguerite L. Terral.

“I wanted to work there for the family atmosphere and the great equipment – the boats are well kept,” Jim said.


Featured Employee | Mark Moreno

Mark Moreno

Mark Moreno started working at Terral in 2010 and briefly moved to Dallas in 2014. After 9 months in Dallas, he moved back to Natchitoches in 2015 to continue working with Terral as the Natchitoches Location Manager.


Terral RiverService Welcome’s CFO, Paul Moore

Paul Moore

Terral RiverService welcomes Paul Moore as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Paul is succeeding Daniel Terral, who has served as Terral CFO for 11 years and will remain with Terral RiverService as the Corporate Secretary.


Terral RiverService Inc. Renews and Extends Agreement with Savage/CLECO

Terral RiverService Inc. is proud to announce the renewal of their vessel charter agreement with Savage/CLECO. The agreement is for the charter of three vessels to move petroleum coke to the CLECO Power Plant Facility on the Red River. The boats chartered for this job will run between New Orleans, LA and Boyce, LA. This renewal will extend the charter from 5 years to 10 years.