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Welcome Craig Rogers, Scheduler / Analyst

Craig Rogers has spent the better part of his life navigating the maritime industry, dedicating 35 years to vessel scheduling and fleet management. Born with saltwater in his veins Craig’s journey through the maritime world has been marked by dedication, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Beyond the bustling world of maritime logistics, Craig’s personal life is equally rich and fulfilling. For the past 39 years, he has been in a loving partnership with his wife, Rhonda. Rhonda and their daughter, Krystle, diligently try their best to keep Craig grounded through a multitude of jokes and well-timed insults.

While Craig’s professional life may revolve around the rhythm of the tides, his passions extend far beyond the confines of the sea. A true outdoorsman at heart, he finds solace and excitement in the simplicity of nature. Whether he’s hunting in the mosquito-infested forests of East Texas, casting his line into Galveston Bay, or getting lost in the woods walking in circles for hours as his buddies make fun of him while ignoring his calls for help, Craig embraces the wild with an unbridled enthusiasm that is contagious to all who know him.

In appearance, Craig is often likened to a young Patrick Swayze, his rugged charm and easy smile drawing comparisons to the iconic actor. Yet, it is not just his looks that capture attention but also his warmth and approachability, making him a cherished friend and respected colleague in both his professional and personal circles.