M/V Amy Gattle Crew Rescues Neighboring Vessel

On Tuesday, February 28th, crew members of Terral’s M/V Amy Gattle were able to assist in rescuing five crew members from a nearby vessel who had ended up in the water following a sinking skiff.

When Danny Burgeron, captain of the M/V Amy Gattle, saw the neighboring crew’s skiff had quite a few people standing on it, he asked his own crew to keep an eye on them to ensure they made it to their boat safely. Next thing Danny knew, a wave hit and the skiff overturned, taking the crew along with it.


Featured Employee | Marshall Ramey

PHotograph of Marshall Ramey
Marshall Ramey, Captain of the M/V Amy T, has been with Terral RiverService since 2009.

“I first came over here as a trip pilot,” he said, “and they asked me to stay.”


Featured Employee | Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen, Office Manager at our Tallulah location, has been with Terral RiverService since May of 1994.

A 1986 graduate of McCall High School, he was born and raised in Tallulah. In October of 1987, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and, after being honorably discharged, he and his wife of 32 years returned to Tallulah. He began working for Louisiana Power & Light, now known as Entergy La.


Robin Hopkins: Celebrating 15 years at Terral RiverService, Inc.

Robin Hopkins

As of August of this year, Robin Hopkins has been with Terral RiverService for 15 years. Before this, she was working at a newspaper company in accounts—but she knew that it wasn’t where she wanted to be for the rest of her career.

“I wanted to go somewhere where I could advance, where I had opportunity,” she said. “That’s why I went to Terral.”


Featured Employee | Chad Bordelon

Chad Bordelon

Chad Bordelon, Land Operations Manager at Terral RiverService, has been with the company since August of 1992. Chad oversees all unloading operations, and does everything from maintenance to coordinating the crews across locations.


Terral Launches New Vessel, the M/V Hallie T.

On June 22nd the M/V Hallie T slid down the launching ramp and into the waters of Lake Ferguson, becoming the 9th towboat NewSouth Marine Construction has built for Terral RiverService.

The 92’x 30’ x 10’ 2000 horsepower, retractable wheelhouse boat can be seen operating along the Atchafalaya, Ouachita, and Red Rivers, as well as the Gulf Intracoastal Canal. The vessel’s namesake, Hallie Terral Miguez, is the daughter of the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Danny Terral.

The M/V Hallie T is powered by a pair of Caterpillar C32 marine propulsion engines with Twin Disc MG-5301 reduction gears, and the electrical power is provided by two John Deere 99kw generator sets. The boat has accommodations for a crew of six with four staterooms furnished with sleep number beds and 3 bathrooms.

“We are very excited to add the M/V Hallie T to our fleet,” said Johnny Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Terral. “The addition allows us to continue to grow our business and expand our service for customers wishing to ship cargo from Old River Fleet to destinations along the West Canal, such as Lake Charles and Houston”.

With Captain Matthew Morrow at the helm and Ray Wollerson and Destin Tillman on deck, the boat left Greenville on its maiden voyage July 21st and is currently operating on the Ouachita River. A christening ceremony will be held in the fall of 2016. 

Welcome to Team Terral, Audra!

Audra Skipper

Audra Skipper is the newest member of the Terral RiverService team, working as an accountant at Terral’s Lake Providence location.

Before coming on board with Terral, Audra was self-employed for most of her life.


Featured Employee | Lynn Lartigue

Lynn Lartigue, Marine Administrative Manager at Terral RiverService, has been with the team since September of 1993.

Lynn was working next door to the company’s Lettsworth, LA location at the time, when a friend walked over and asked if she was interested in a part-time job working in rock sales with Terral.


Terral Adds 5th Unloading Rig to Fleet

Terral RiverService recently added their 5th unloading rig to its fleet—the TRS 5.  The new rig, complete with a Komatsu PC600 material handler and a 4-yard clamshell bucket, is capable of unloading about 7,200 tons of aggregate per day.

Terral RiverService offers custom unloading from almost any bank on the river system. Each rig is capable of unloading up to four barges per day. With the addition of the TRS 5, the operation continues to expand its offerings and capabilities.


Featured Employee | Paul Ratliff

Paul Ratliff, Equipment Manager at Terral RiverService, has been with the company since August of 1993.

Before coming to Terral, he worked for a few other companies—none of which compare to his experience with Terral.


Johnny Martin: 30 Years at Terral RiverService, Inc.

The team at Terral RiverService, Inc. is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Chief Operating Officer Johnny Martin.

Starting as a pilot with Terral, Johnny worked his way up over the years and has undoubtedly become one of the company’s strongest assets.