Monthly Archives: February 2016

Featured Employee | Josh Brown

Josh Brown has been with Terral RiverService for about 19 months. Before working for Terral, he worked for a large river company.

Red River Navigation Update

As the lock approaches along the Red River have closed, making the River unnavigable, Terral RiverService would like to extend sincere thanks to the Red River Waterway Commission (RRWC) for their commitment to businesses like ours along the River.

Terral Logistics Delivers Artillery Disposal Chamber

The Louisiana National Guard hired Ponca City’s MJ&H Fabrication to build the chamber that will be used to burn off millions of pounds of unsecured M6 propellant, which is commonly used as howitzer gunpowder. But before this chamber could get to work, there was the meticulous logistics process of getting it to its final destination.