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Red River Navigation Update

As the lock approaches along the Red River have closed, making the River unnavigable, Terral RiverService would like to extend sincere thanks to the Red River Waterway Commission (RRWC) for their commitment to businesses like ours along the River.

The Red River Waterway commission approved the hiring of a dredge from Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel, and positioned them at Lock number 2 to clean the approach and get it reopened. Lock number 2 was able to begin locking on February 14.

“This closure is causing severe economic strain on businesses operating along the River,” said Terral’s COO Johnny Martin. “If it hadn’t been for the Red River Waterway Commission, it could have very well been an economic disaster.”

“If the commission had not acted in the speed and manner they did, it could have been March before the River was reopened into the Alexandria area,” he said.

Dredge Iowa began dredging Lock 1 upper yesterday, February 17. It is anticipated that they will be able to pass traffic through Lock 1 by Sunday or Monday.

Dredge Jadwin is at Lock 1 lower, and is expected to be completed Saturday, February 20.

Dredge Butcher, under the RRWC, should complete Lock 2, to grade, today. They will then move to Lock 3, dredging 1 low area in pool 2 along the way.

The next update on the conditions is expected tomorrow, February 19.