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River Transportation: The Greener Way To Go

When it comes to sustainable shipping, river transportation brings home the gold.

The team at Terral RiverService, Inc. is proud to be a part of this winning industry as they place sustainability and efficiency at a high priority every step of the way.

Lorraine Hyde, General Manager of Terral’s Logistics Services division, said that sustainability plays a vital role in the company’s overall process.

“We are continuously developing strategies so that future generations are left with a better planet to live in,” Hyde said.

For any company with bulk shipping needs, the river should be the number one choice in when considering sustainability. According to Hyde, this call for companies to make environmentally responsible choices is backed by research.

“Companies that continuously show environmentally and socially responsible behavior are good businesses – not just ethically, but financially,” Hyde said. “The evidence and statistics have shown that the best companies make a positive impact on the environment.”

Terral strives to be one of these companies – one that keeps the future of the planet in mind when making strategic decisions.

Hyde and the rest of her team are always thinking of the “big picture” when planning shipments, doing everything they can do to be as sustainable as possible.

“We take a hard look at transport costs and delve deep into how we can increase transportation efficiencies,” Hyde said.

Hyde gave the example of the daily fuel consumption of a towboat.

“The more fuel that is consumed, whether caused by inefficiencies or poor equipment, drives up costs and is a loss to the bottom line,” she said. “Proper maintenance and having the right equipment is key.”

Terral’s push for sustainability doesn’t stop there. Hyde said having experienced, educated captains and pilots in the wheelhouse plays a key role in the process, as well as the waste disposal and port processes.

According to Chief Operating Officer Johnny Martin, this sustainable-and-efficient mindset comes into play from the minute they decide to add another boat to their fleet.

When the company decides they are going to build another fleet or line boat, they coordinate with the boat builder and begin the design process, taking into consideration factors like crew comfort, where the boat will be traveling and tow size, as well as making sure their boats have the latest operating technologies. All of these aspects combined help ensure the company has the most efficient boats possible.

Hyde said that in line with their commitment to sustainability, Terral, as a third-party logistics provider, only does businesses with carriers that are members of the American Waterways Organization or with a Responsible Carrier Program.

“Working with companies that have the same philosophies on sustainability and safety has a trigger effect,” she said. “The word sustainability should be on everyone’s mind – in business, in government and in society.”

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