Freight Rate Calculator

Freight Rate Calculator

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Terral has been carrying freight on the Mississippi River and beyond for over 30 years, and – in partnership with Robert Miller & Associates – we've created our free Freight Rate Calculator, which provides you with an instant snapshot of your indicated rate. By giving us information like your cargo type, amount and shipping destination, we can send you a custom rate directly to your inbox, making predicting your shipping costs easy. Get started by filling out your basic information.

For immediate assistance or information on tariff rates please contact:

Gabe Gattle
318 559 1500 (o)
Jon Strong
314 863 2122 (o)

All information in this calculator, is used for informational or budgetary purposes. Barge rates are influenced by many factors such as time of year, river conditions, weather etc. A final rate is set when both parties have a signed agreement outlining all terms and conditions.