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Congratulations, Allison!

We want to congratulate our Compliance Manager, Allison Branner, for the remarkable contributions she is making in various industry roles, leaving an indelible mark on the Maritime community.

Firstly, Allison serves as the Treasurer and Secretary on the board of the Texas Waterways Operators Association (TWOA), where her insights and expertise help shape policies and initiatives that promote the industry’s growth and sustainability. Her commitment to ensuring the Maritime Industry has a voice in the Texas Capitol has contributed to the organization’s success.

Additionally, as Vice President of the Houston Chapter of Women in Maritime Operations (WIMOs), Allison has been a point of empowerment for women in the maritime sector. Her leadership has been instrumental in fostering an environment of support, mentorship, and opportunity for professional women, inspiring them to break barriers and achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, Allison’s involvement as a member of the American Waterways Operators’ (AWO) Safety Leadership Advisory Panel underscores her unwavering dedication to safety standards within the industry. Through her contributions, she has played a pivotal role in enhancing safety protocols and championing the well-being of maritime professionals across the nation.

Allison’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her professional accomplishments. She actively invests her time and energy in mentoring and guiding aspiring maritime professionals, as well as learning from those more experienced than her, ensuring the next generation of leaders is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the industry.


Allison’s dedication to safety, advocacy for women in the field, and contributions to the growth of the industry have made her a true role model in the Maritime Industry. The maritime community is undoubtedly better off thanks to Allison’s efforts and commitment to making a positive difference.