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Welcome Bethany Stanley, Human Resource Director

Terral RiverService is delighted to introduce our new Human Resources Director, Bethany Stanley! She has worked in the human resource field for the past several years, along with management in the healthcare industry. Bethany brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge regarding leadership, recruitment, staffing, employee relations, performance management, employee benefits, along with policies & procedures.
Apart from work, she enjoys time with her husband and the most recent addition to her family, 8-month-old Adaline. Bethany loves to shop in her downtime and travel, preferably to the beach.
Bethany has a strong faith and believes in serving others. When asked how she feels about Terral, she responded, “I have heard great things about this company and knew it was wonderful before I ever started, but now that I am a part, I am very excited to contribute in any way that I can to make it even better!”

“Leadership is service, not position.” – Tim Fargo

She looks forward to serving each of you! We are glad to have her join #TeamTerral