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Featured Employee | Tommy Hendry

Terral RiverService is proud to announce our featured employee for April, Tommy Hendry. Tommy has been with Terral RiverService since February of 2004. He is one of the longest-tenured employees in our marine operations. He started as an entry-level deckhand and worked his way up. Tommy first acquired his apprentice mate license on 1/11/2007, then received his Mate/pilot license on 4/17/2008, and after hard work, he received his masters on 12/7/2009. Tommy has operated several of our boats ranging from our fleet boats to the 3,000HP class boats. Tommy currently is the captain of the M/V Johnny M. Tommy knew he wanted to go into the wheelhouse from the begging, so he worked his way to it!

Terral is proud to have an employee like Tommy. His dedication and commitment to his craft have shown over the years and Terral is proud to have him on our team. In his own words “I have had the opportunity to work with good people such as Stanley Tabor, Don D, Mike S, also someone that pushed me to better myself Harvey L. I have also had the pleasure to train a few guys in the wheelhouse such as Cody H, Chris H, and James M, who have all turned out to be great wheelmen. I give God all the glory. Without him, it wouldn’t be possible.”