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Photograph of Dwayne Ikerd

Featured Employee | Dwayne Ikerd

Terral RiverService is proud to announce our featured employee for January, Henry Dwayne Ikerd. Dwayne has been employed with Terral RiverService since June 16, 2004. Dwayne started at Terral being the Inventory Clerk, since then, he has worked his way up to Terral’s Inventory Control Manager. Dwayne oversees shipping patterns, pricing adjustments, keeps loading and unloading logs: as well as Terral’s inventory. Dwayne has been married to his wife Cindy for 34 years and has two children.

On January 25th 2021, during a routine checkup, Dwayne was informed that he had two tumors along his spine. At first, he was told that the tumors were benign and that surgery would be performed by Dr. Sin at LSU on February 7th to remove them. By January 31st his right leg was paralyzed and on February 2nd he had surgery. The doctor then informed him the tumors were malignant and that he would have to complete chemotherapy. Dwayne has now completed 8 months of therapy and has now been cancer-free since September. Despite all the challenges he faced during this time, Dwayne still showed up to work a couple of days a week in between his chemotherapy sessions.

Dwayne says, “God works in mysterious ways. I came down with this and was given a lot of strength through my Christian faith, prayer, and God. I’m thankful for what he has helped me with and brought me through.” He is also happy to be back at work! Dwayne also says he is thankful to Terral RiverService for helping, supporting, and encouraging him during a difficult time in his life. He attributes his recovery to God, family, friends, and co-workers! Dwayne is an excellent worker, and we are honored to have Dwayne be part of #teamterral!