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Terral RiverService Purchases Vidalia Dock and Storage

Terral RiverService announced September 1st the acquisition of the assets of Vidalia Dock and Storage Company, Two-J Ranch Inc., 363 Dry-Dock & Repair LLC, and Natchez Marine and Towing Inc. the premier fleet and yard operator in the Vidalia LA, and Natchez MS areas. According to Terral, the acquisition includes a total of four towboats, a dry dock, and rock yard. In addition, Terral has acquired all of Vidalia Dock and Storage’s fleeting locations on the Mississippi River located in and around the Vidalia and Natchez areas. “This business fits very well with what Terral already knows and does,” said Josh Knichel, Director of Development who led the acquisition for Terral. “The fleeting locations and rock yard are well located to assist us in serving many of our existing customers.”

Terral has been strategically expanding its marine operations, which now includes 170 dry cargo barges, 35 boats, 7 fleeting areas, and 10 unload rigs all involved in marine transportation, vessel management, dock operations, barge fleeting and logistics. “We’re excited to bring Vidalia Dock and Storage and their subsidiaries under the Terral RiverService flag and grow our inland marine business through this acquisition,” Terral President and CEO Tom Gattle said in a statement. “We’re also pleased to welcome new team members to Terral who will contribute to the success of our customers and the company.”

Approximately 30 employees, including vessel crews and shoreside staff, will join Terral. “All of these new employees bring years of experience and knowledge, and we are excited to have them on board,” Johnny Martin COO of Terral added. Martin offered a special thanks to Bettye Jenkins, Carla Jenkins, and Sarah Calhoun the former owners and executive management team of Vidalia Dock and Storage who helped make the purchase and subsequent transition as seamless as possible. Sarah Calhoun, granddaughter of Bettye Jenkins, will continue as part of Terral’s team. “We’re grateful to have Sarah as part of our team and welcome the energy that she brings,” Neil Martin V.P. of Services said. “She’ll continue to help run the day-to-day operations of the business and will ensure excellent continuity of service for customers,” Gabe Gattle Vice President of Vessel operations added.