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Photograph of Cajun and Grace

TRS Adds Three Boats to Its Fleet

Terral RiverService is glad to announce the purchase of three boats to be added to its fleet. Two of the boats are 2000 horsepower boats, currently named the M/V Cajun and the M/V Grace. The boats are presently at the Lettsworth, LA, location where they are being repainted in company colors. They will be renamed the M/V Bailey B after CEO Tom Gattle’s granddaughter, and the M/V Neil Martin after Vice-President of Services. “We’re proud to honor Neil by naming this boat for him,” says COO Johnny Martin. “Neil has been with the company for twenty-one years, is a member of the Executive Committee, and an invaluable asset to our operations.” The plans are to operate the two boats, and the third boat which is 1000 horsepower, out of the Lettwsorth Fleet and expand operations into areas along the Gulf Coast. “We’re excited about what’s next,” says Martin.