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Featured Employee | Lafayette “Foots” Ainsworth

Lafayette 'Foots' Ainsworth

Lafayette Ainsworth started work at Terral RiverService on November 11, 2008. His first job was a deckhand in the harbor at our fleet in Lettsworth, Louisiana. Lafayette (affectionately known as Foots) advanced quickly in learning the duties of a deckhand. He was a very hard worker and did a good job on the deck. As a result of his efforts, he was nominated to go through the Terral RiverService Steersman program. This program is designed to move deserving river employees upward in rank toward a wheelhouse position.

Terral RiverService pays all the costs of educating the employee in becoming a boat captain.  Foots excelled through the program and on May 1, 2011, started as a pilot in the wheelhouse of the M/V Kim King in the fleet at the Lake Providence Port. From there he moved out on the main Mississippi River as a captain on our line boats. He spent a great deal of his time on the M/V Amy T. As a result of his excellent record as a Pilot and Captain, Foots was promoted to Port Captain on 8/13/2018. We at Terral RiverService are proud of the accomplishments of Lafayette “Foots” Ainsworth. We are honored to have him on our management team.