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Featured Employee | Mark Moreno

Mark Moreno

Mark Moreno started working at Terral in 2010 and briefly moved to Dallas in 2014. After 9 months in Dallas, he moved back to Natchitoches in 2015 to continue working with Terral as the Natchitoches Location Manager.

From helping load barges to managing the maintenance of all equipment, Mark is very hands on in his work, and is willing to help out wherever help is needed. Mark ensures that he and his team are always working toward the same goal: Taking care of the customer, whatever it takes.

Mark enjoys the freedom he has in his work, because of the mutual trust between himself and the Terral Team.

“I have the freedom to lead and operate the office,” Mark Moreno said. “Of course I know my limitations, but they have given me the reigns and I have never felt micromanaged.”

Working for Terral also brings diversity into Mark’s day-to-day.

“I like working for this company,” Mark said. “They treat their people fairly, and I like the combination of working inside and outside. I’m not stuck in an office or outside the whole day.”

Mark’s youngest son recently began working as a deckhand on the M.V. John C. Terral. Mark says he really enjoys getting to see his youngest son from time to time at work.

“Terral takes care of their people, and have treated me and my whole family well.” Mark said.

Thank you Mark, for your dedication to Team Terral!