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Terral & Vulcan Materials, Inc. Explore More Opportunities

On July, 10th the management teams of Terral RiverService, Inc. and Vulcan Materials, Inc. met in Greenville, Mississippi to review ongoing operations and explore other opportunities between the two companies.

Terral is a distributor for VulcanĀ in north and parts of south Louisiana, as well as providing transportation and offloading of aggregates to the Gulf Coast Division of Vulcan Materials. The meeting was highlighted by a visit to the NewSouth Marine Construction facility where the 4250 horsepower M/V Mary Elizabeth Gattle is being built. Once completed, the vessel will be used to move aggregates along the lower Mississippi river.

Pictured (from left to right): Edmund Redd, Johnny Martin, Tim Hovas, Tom Gattle, Christy Alvord, Tom Baker, David Clement and Gabe Gattle