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M/V Amy Gattle Crew Rescues Neighboring Vessel

On Tuesday, February 28th, crew members of Terral’s M/V Amy Gattle were able to assist in rescuing five crew members from a nearby vessel who had ended up in the water following a sinking skiff.

When Danny Burgeron, captain of the M/V Amy Gattle, saw the neighboring crew’s skiff had quite a few people standing on it, he asked his own crew to keep an eye on them to ensure they made it to their boat safely. Next thing Danny knew, a wave hit and the skiff overturned, taking the crew along with it.

Terral crew members Adam Johnson, William Stevens, Ronald Toney, and Matthew Mitchell were quick to act. “We stopped our engine and immediately got on our own skiff to go rescue their crew,” Danny said. “Within ten minutes, we had all of their crew members out of the water.”

While a few crew members were on the skiff rescuing individuals, another was alongside the tow with a life ring. “My crew did a really good job and did it in a timely manner,” he said. “They were on top of their game.”

Danny says their crew preforms weekly drills for situations just like this, including fire drills, man overboard drills, and various safety training.

“We are very proud of the competence and swift action of Danny and his crew. Most importantly we are happy they were in a position to help,” said Terral COO Johnny Martin.