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Featured Employee | Chad Bordelon

Chad Bordelon

Chad Bordelon, Land Operations Manager at Terral RiverService, has been with the company since August of 1992. Chad oversees all unloading operations, and does everything from maintenance to coordinating the crews across locations.

“The sweat and hard work that I put in over the years was made possible by the team,” Chad said. “We have a really good crew, and I’ve never gotten to a location where we couldn’t do the job.”

Chad grew up working for his father’s construction company, which fostered his love for the business.

“I never attended college, I was brought up working,” Chad said. “I always did love the equipment, and I always loved the water. With Terral, I had both.”

Chad said there has never been a day in all of his 24 years at Terral that he woke up dreading the thought of going to work.

“We [at Terral] are here to provide a service that not many people do,” Chad said. “We try to do the best we can, we take pride in what we do, and we look forward to the future.”

Thank you, Chad, for your hard work and dedication to Terral RiverService!