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Terral Adds 5th Unloading Rig to Fleet

Terral RiverService recently added their 5th unloading rig to its fleet—the TRS 5.  The new rig, complete with a Komatsu PC600 material handler and a 4-yard clamshell bucket, is capable of unloading about 7,200 tons of aggregate per day.

Terral RiverService offers custom unloading from almost any bank on the river system. Each rig is capable of unloading up to four barges per day. With the addition of the TRS 5, the operation continues to expand its offerings and capabilities.

“We are excited about the addition of this rig and what it will add to our overall operation,” said Neil Martin, Vice President of Services at Terral.

Terral’s fleet of 5 unload rigs is made up of 3 truck rigs and 2 conveyor rigs.  The truck rigs are equipped with 40’ ramps that allow trucks to access the barge for the offloading of product.  The conveyor rigs consist of flat deck barges with 130’ telestacking radial conveyors that allow for the unloading of product directly to the bank in stockpiles.

“Most of our unload rigs are equipped with lighting to allow for around the clock operations.  Our goal is to expedite the unloading process and reduce standby costs for our customers,” said Neil.

Chad Bordelon, the manager of our unloading operations, is responsible for the maintenance and crewing of the unload rigs.  Chad started with TRS in 1992 and was an integral part of setting up their first unload rig – TRS 1 – in 1998.

According to Chad, the new TRS 5 is more technologically advanced than past rigs because the existing technology today simply wasn’t around in 1998—but other than that, the rigs have the same basic setup.

“The concept is the same as we had in 1998. We’ve added hydraulic and electric winches to help us raise the spuds,” he said.  “Our goal has always been to unload barges as safely and efficiently as possible.”

For more information on our unloading capabilities, please contact Neil Martin at 318-559-1500.