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Model Replica of the M/V Thomas Gattle

Gary Twigg, the father of Terral’s Industrial Aggregate Salesman Teddy Twigg, spent around 400 hours over the span of 3-4 months building a model of the M/V Thomas Gattle.

Made primarily of cypress and basswood, nearly every inch of the model was made by hand.

“I enjoyed building it,” said Gary. “It’s a really fun hobby.”

Building models like this have been a hobby for Gary for a long time. In fact, he has built various models of shrimp boats and tug boats since the 70’s. It wasn’t until he reached retirement that he could dedicate ample amounts of time to the craft.

Before he began building the model, Gary visited the M/V Thomas Gattle in person to capture pictures that he could work off of. The incredibly detailed model now sits in our Hammond, LA office.