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River Update: Conditions Improving

Revisions have been made to the forecast of the Mississippi River stages, painting a better outlook for Terral RiverService than last week.

The crest at Vicksburg has been revised from 55 feet to 50.5 feet, and the crest at Red River Landing has been revised from 62.5 to 60.5.

It was previously predicted that Old River Lock would close on January 13, but with the revisions in the forecast, it appears it will remain open.

“We are very pleased with this,” said Terral CEO Tom Gattle. “This means there will be far less disruption to our services we provide.”

According to Terral’s COO Johnny Martin, Old River Lock closing would have delayed all deliveries going up the Red and Ouachita Rivers, as well as most deliveries going west on the intercostal canal.

“We can continue to serve our customers in a more normal manner as opposed to delaying deliveries,” Gattle said.

Updates on river conditions and forecasts can be found on the National Weather Service River Forecast Center website.