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Better Boats, Better Crews

Terral RiverService, Inc. has been operating on the Mississippi River since 1992. And, according to the company’s CEO, their success comes from their dedicated employees.

Many of Terral’s employees repeatedly express their appreciation of the family-feel that serves as the foundation on which the company operates.

Outside of the land locations and offices, Terral has numerous employees that are out on the river for weeks at a time, whether that’s as a captain, deckhand or crew member.

According to Terral’s CEO and President Tom Gattle, making sure their captains and crew are safe and comfortable while out on the river is considered a top priority.

“For example, we work hard to design a kitchen that is a nice place for them to eat, lounge and relax between shifts,” he said.

A major aspect of being able to run a safe, successful river operation is the requirement for a healthy and happy crew.

“We have good crews because we have good facilities and quarters for them,” he said. “We put a lot of thought into the designs of our boats so that we can create the best environment possible for our crews.”

While out on the water, Gattle said there are chores and tasks that crew members are expected to preform in order to maintain this living environment.

“We have a schedule and checklist of items that need to be done daily to keep the boat clean and well maintained,” Gattle said. “Crew members have certain duties – different shifts have certain things they are required to do to assure the safety and cleanliness of the boats.”

Gattle said he believes they are able to find the very best employees because of this.

“In order for us to have a good crew, we need a good place for them to stay,” Gattle said. “The marketplace is competitive, and we need the best boats for our crew. It’s a top priority for us that our boats are friendly and relaxing.”

At Terral River Service, we believe our employees are the reason you should do business with us. It takes a certain kind of person to serve our customers with around-the-clock effort, and this is the kind of person who works at our company. They aren’t easy to find, but these are the people we welcome into our family.