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Terral River Service Renovates Warehouse, Purchases Crane

Terral River Service has purchased a new 100-ton cable crane and leased and renovated a 62,000 sq. ft. warehouse at its Port of Natchitoches facility on the Red River. The warehouse will be used to store sand, which will be handled using a Link-Belt 308 cable crane.

The Port of Natchitoches is one of four terminal dock operations maintained by Terral. All are equipped for the loading and unloading of aggregates, cottonseed, salt, corn, soybeans, other grains, tire chips, coal, petroleum coke and steel, as well as specialty cargo. Dock cranes and conveyor systems allow fully customizable transportation of cargo from river to warehouse or truck.

Terral’s Port of Natchitoches dock also offers stevedoring services, warehouse storage and logistic services combining rail, trucks and barge transportation.